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The Community Energy Toolkit guides communities in building a localized, resilient energy network.

Community Energy Toolkit

From Our Passion to Your Neighborhood

We envision communities driving their futures toward affordable, equitable, and low-carbon electricity. That’s why we are reaching out for support in building a Community Energy Toolkit to activate energy democracy at the local level. Whether a citizen or a city council member, the Toolkit provides a platform for community members to get involved in actions that lead to cleaner air and affordable, high-quality power.

Now is the time to take action where it matters most, in your neighborhood. We will provide a toolkit of step-by-step policies and practices for building the knowledge and capabilities to make a change in your area. In addition, you’ll get access to a network that fosters a sense of what is possible.

All of our organizations work at various levels to help community groups and governments untangle the financial, regulatory and social questions raised when taking control of local energy choices. However, there are few tactical toolkits that align the specific goals and policies for clean, resilient, and flexible energy with the resources on the ground that can move those projects forward.


Local Level Empowerment

Energy Resiliency

Values Driven Job Creation

Take Control of Your Energy Future

PECI, ILSR and RePower Madison are working collaboratively to establish a framework and toolkit for towns and cities across the United States. We seek to inspire and empower local communities to navigate the tangled world of utility service commissions, transmissions, distribution markets and energy project financing to address the need for equitable sharing of clean and affordable energy, fair and stable bills, community involvement and consideration in energy planning.

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